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Mysteries of the heart

Our Test Anxiety Programs Dealing with Stress

Test anxiety programs can be a godsend to the nervous Cincinnati student, while no one should question that one-on-one tutoring methods are known to be one of the most effective ways for any student to maximize potential. The simple fact is that human nature is such that when we are under stress, it is difficult to use critical thinking skills. This is why A+Tutoring/Test Preparation has formed a partnership with The Heartmath Corporation to help students resolve issues of test anxiety and to maximize their performance. Helping students get the most out of their natural skills in the realms of academic achievement and critical thinking, the Freeze Framer (TM) technique has been proven to lessen students’ stress and improve their test taking score in verbal areas by over 20% and in math areas by over 30%. As Mr. DiSalvo has been trained in modern and classical psychology, he has seen a synergistic improvement in his students’ scores when test anxiety has been an obstacle in preventing them from seeing their best results. Please call for more information about how a test anxiety program can help improve your child’s scores.

Quick Coherence Can Change a Life

Mr DiSalvo has customized the Heart Math technique into 5 steps to help his students through any sort of stress in their lives. Though this might seem a fantastic statement, students using the technique do not only achieve great results on test, but more easily overcome many other challenges in their life because their great focus and calm. This is my the Quick Coherence (TM) system has been used by individuals from all walks of life to achieve success on the job, as corporate executives, professional athletes, or simply as an aid in social situations. Heart Math is not just for people looking to deal with stress: it is for those looking to get into the zone, where they see their best physical and mental performance. The goal is to perfectly synchronize the mind and heart. By calming the body’s thinking, feeling, and biological response, one can do just that in one of the most effect test anxiety program ever and a true passport to success, whatever challenge one faces.

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