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sat and act classes in mason

ACT Classes in Mason, Ohio

Providing SAT & ACT prep classes among many other tutorials, A-plus tutoring has made a name for itself in the field of specialized classes for test preparations for the past many years. Whether you are living in Mason, Ohio or even any place outside of it, you can always attend our SAT and ACT prep courses, either physically or online. Students from Mason, Ohio, however, are in luck as our ACT prep center near the city of Mason, is catering to all students alike: those starting afresh and the ones attempting a retake.

Our ACT prep classes in Ohio have been ongoing for some years now. Many parents ease their children into the idea of taking an important test like the ACT or SAT by starting with an intro ACT tutoring class. In fact, our students for SAT & ACT classes have been known to start rather young: even in the sixth grade. What stands out about our method is how we let students and their parents decide if they would like for their child to attend a class with fellow students or they would prefer individualized, customised programs. This ACT preps situation near Mason gives you the flexibility to decide.

Here at A + Tutoring, we don’t see our students as money making potential clients rather individuals with a desire to learn, and we provide them just that. Our system devised by our founder, Mr. DiSalvo, prepares the students for ACT in a way that lets them use their minds critically, and thus are able to counter any problem at hand.

Using Dr. Gary Gruber’s guide as a foundation for teaching our SAT and ACT prep classes, our institution uses a six-pronged systematic and tested method of obtaining the desired results, and we have been entirely successful. Our preparation involves six steps that include underlining, classifying, predicting and correlating. This system allows the students to break down problems on their ACT tests and approach them in a more practical manner; this mechanism not only helps our students ace their ACTs but also happens to be a lifelong learning lesson for many.

Classes alone, however, aren’t always enough as the students do feel nervous going in to attempt their SAT or ACT tests, which is why we make sure that our students receive adequate practice for ACT tests  before their important day. Besides receiving continuous feedback on the course material and the teaching style, our teachers conduct regular SAT and ACT practice tests to ensure a smooth learning curve.

 To further our aim of objectivity, our tutors use the industry’s leading ACT practice tests or tests put out by that complement the learning of the class, and help students test their knowledge before the exam. These tests also include interactive learning games that are also available on our website.

Our job, however, does not end here. Anxiety and nervousness also occupy a student’s mind before the exam and can prove to be a hurdle when it comes to attempting the exam and securing good numbers. Considering this, A + Tutoring has joined with The Heartmath Corporation to help students overcome their fears and anxiety and bring out the best of them on exam day. From receiving a raw student with high ambitions to teaching him the basics, and from advancing him in his knowledge to preparing him for the exam day, our method covers it all for you.

As mentioned above, some students that we receive are starting anew who are although usually gifted, need assistance in the form of ACT practice to make the mark. On the contrary, there are students who have fallen behind and need a reliable process that takes them through the difficult period of catching up. In such a variety of pupils, it may not necessarily be a bad idea to take a class considering it is understood that there are significant differences between what to expect between a classroom and a tutoring situation. While there has been evidence that students have scored even up to perfect scores on a test like the PSAT or SAT, with SAT and ACT prep classes and ACT practice tests from Mr. DiSalvo, more modest results are the reality in the test prep industry when students of different ability levels have been lumped together.

This is why A + Tutoring offers both, classes and tutorial sessions for our students considering their priorities and demands. To begin students take diagnostic tests so we can know what program and tutor will fit best. Seeing students take these tests helps us establish not only their academic standing but their ability to adapt to Mr DiSalvo’s stepwise system.  This proves vital in forming groups of students who require a similar level of tutoring. For better understanding and decision making, below a few important details regarding both.

Some key differences between tutoring and class prep when being taught the A+ systematic test preparation approach to test prep:

Individual Tutoring

  • More expensive (typically 3x the cost of attending a class)
  • More effective (with 3x the cost, one should ordinarily expect 3x the results, even if they take a little longer)
  • Maximum attention from the teacher, as student is tutor’s sole focus.
  • A more comfortable environment for communication and getting queries addressed.
  • Much easier to offer immediate feedback on methodology to make sure the correct answer is gotten every time.
  • Possibly more socially awkward if a student is not used to one-on-one situations.
  • Lack of familiarity with tutor can help a student avoid a situation where he is distracted by friends and normal school room digressions.
  • Students are held more accountable because of unique focus of training.

Taking a Class

  • Inexpensive (though group tutoring can also be cost-effective)
  • Fellow students often produce good competition which can motivate students to learn better.
  • Less effective (though some students prefer class situations)
  • Less interaction because of teacher’s need to share time with each student
  • More difficult to correct a student right away and know if he is understanding and paying attention.
  • Student may feel less pressure if already familiar with classmates in class format.
  • Students may get distracted by class members who are interested in socializing or reverting to school room bad habits.
  •  Easier for students to blend in with other students not completing their assignments.

ACT Classes in Mason, Ohio


Which is right for you?

Your lifelong learning and a sure path to ACT success is only a phone call away.

Free seminars are periodically held at churches and schools. Please contact us about what you can do to be eligible for your own class or talk.

Students have gotten big results in a short amount of time with our system, so if you would like to check out the possibilities and our availability for our ACT online tutoring programs in Cincinnati, Loveland or West Chester, oh, Give us a call at 513 939-9033.

Mason, Ohio, Test Prep Classes Open New Worlds of Possibility

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