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Online Tutoring for the SAT and ACT

Now online tutoring in the SAT and ACT (even to the top 1%) is possible with access to a private computer. With the use of a webcam and microphone and a cable internet connection, students are now able to take advantage of modern technology to receive high-quality one-on-one tutoring from the comfort of their own home from a professional tutor. Our founder, Mr. DiSalvo first made use of this technology to continue with his clients who needed expert tutoring help at a distance, and even decided to begin with a client from Florida who had tracked him down at his location in Ohio. Though the student already had a 680 on the Math section on the SAT, he was actually able to get a perfect Math score and a Verbal score of over 700 because of the online math tutoring, despite the internet being fairly unstable in 2006.

Michael has now made this program permanently available for those who want to receive training in the same critical thinking skills that have earned his students their dramatic progress, but current technology not only allows stable audio and visual concourse, but allows advanced tools, including whiteboard interaction; though working from common texts is still recommended. Mr. DiSalvo has always had the mission to make sure that every student has access to quality preparation for a wide range of tests, which is why he has always focused on the critical thinking that underlies each test.

Whether you live far from the Cincinnati, Mason, Chester and Loveland areas, or you find it difficult to commute between home and our tutoring centres, and are wondering, “Where can I find the best SAT test prep near me,” then look no further. Our online tutoring Cincinnati center has got you covered. Be it SAT, ACT or any other test preparation, our highly qualified tutors will prepare you as a motivated candidate for the test day with a promise of achieving greater results together.

Some students require special individual assistance and guidance to learn better, which is why we not only provide group tutoring, classes and one-on-one tutoring physically in Cincinnati, but online too. Considering the fact that every student has his own learning curve and a process of understanding, our professional tutors prepare individualized, customized online SAT tutoring programs for every student so that no one is left behind.

Wait no further, start right away! To find the best online tutoring services, give us a call and we will walk you through the process of whether it is the right fit. Our students have scored up to a perfect score on the SAT while not having even having visited Cincinnati.

Just like in sessions when tutor and student meet in person, we take a brief diagnostic test that shows us the student’s work habits, his knowledge, and his speed. Gathering this info, the tutor is able to make a prediction about how well the student can do on the SAT or ACT long term and how long it will take. Our initial evaluations will also help us establish your strengths and weaknesses, following which it will be seen if you require a separate online math tutor or no. Only then will a program be set for you using the most result-oriented texts available.

The text we use for online SAT tutoring is (Dr) Gary Gruber’s SAT Study Guide, and likewise his ACT Study Guide for the ACT test. Ironically, students have actually done better on the ACT with his SAT study guide as a tool instead of the ACT one, so some students may want to start with the ACT, though they ultimately focus on the SAT. Coupled with these texts is our uniquely designed six-pronged teaching system that allows the students to be step-oriented; this method teaches students to break down any question given down to its fundamentals and so it can be  approached critically.

The key also lies in the fact that students and their peers can give immediate feedback regarding the course matter. During a regular class, students are often reluctant to disrupt the proceedings of a lecture by asking questions if even they have trouble understanding; online classes, on the contrary, give students the freedom to stop the lecture at any time they feel they aren’t understanding a topic, and can ask related questions and have them be addressed straightaway.  Further, if required, parents also have the ability to take advantage of the 2400 for a 2400 program, in which students can receive unlimited tutoring or a perfect score for a fixed price of $2400, if it fits their goals best.

What better could a student ask for then? The comfort of staying at home, the flexibility of choosing their own study hours, as well as a program of choice with guaranteed results in your SAT, ACT or similar entrance test. Not only this, we provide an actual test like environment for the students so students can simulate what test day will be like. It is normal for students to get nervous on the test day no matter how well prepared they are. Keeping this in mind, our center makes students take their practice tests in a smart way, not wasting any questions; not only that, to keep it interesting, we have designated resources tab for students on our website to play interactive quiz games to make learning a little more fun.

A+ Tutoring/Test Preparation is not just a building or an online platform that will only help you excel on your tests, it is rather a family built around 15 years of trust, learning and success. Our aim at A+ Tutoring is not just to help you secure outstanding grades; we aim to prepare you for life; we give you a method for problem solving; we help students renew their minds so you they can think critically. Apply these advanced learning methods to not only excel in your SAT and ACT, but in your life, too.

Your lifelong learning and a boost in your SAT and ACT scores are only a click away.

Students have gotten big results in a short amount of time with our system, so if you would like to check out the possibilities and our availability for our ACT or SAT online tutoring programs in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason or West Chester, OH.  

Please call 513-939-9033 or email md@aplustutoring-testprep.com for more information. We will be happy to help you through ACT or SAT online tutoring if you are outside of the Cincinnati, Mason, West Chester, or Loveland areas.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”93″ alignment=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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