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MCQs Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Let’s face it: life is very much about organization, and test preparation is no different. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”. This ancient saying gets at the idea of a schedule, or a system, if you will, that also relates to the PSAT, SAT, and Cincinnati’s favorite, the ACT

Being disciplined in one’s study is a sure sign of future success. We, at A Plus Tutoring have seen up to 40-50 percentile increases in students’ scores when students put all the pieces together. We have heard some guidance counselors and experts say such increases are “unheard of”, but dramatic transformations in test scores are possible with a willing, hardworking, and intelligent student using our ACT and SAT prep classes effectively.

More importantly, these study and organization skills are invaluable in life. Our test prep programs typically last about 30 hours, determined by a diagnostic test and a conference with the families we work with, but some students only need very targeted help that may be handled in as little in four or five sessions.

Be it a test for college admission or a subject at school that you need help with, A Plus Tutoring has professional skilled teachers ready to assist you in reaching your true potential and acing your exam. All you have to do is take our diagnostic test aimed at assessing your academic standing and get acquainted through our minicourse to get your quick start. 

The assessment, taking only about 15 minutes,  only helps us serve you better, as we prepare personalised learning programs for our students to help them cope better and produce greater results. For the same purpose, students take our SAT and ACT practice tests to familiarize themselves better with what to expect on the actual tests when their big day comes.

Keeping in view every student’s differing capabilities and aptitudes, our customized programs give students the right environment that is suited to them, while instilling in them the basics that are required to ace any test with the critical thinking skills that serve them in any situation. 

Although all tests are different and require different skill sets from the student in terms of academic knowledge, there is a common theme to attempting the questions present on all of them. The skill in most need is neither math nor reading,  but critical thinking

Our uniquely developed six-pronged system of teaching helps students develop a fluidity of mind that lets them break down any question that is presented to them, and be step-oriented while attempting the test. 

This method not only sharpens the faculties of our students but it also helps them grow as thinkers to utilize their true knowledge before answering even the simplest of questions. Using these methods, we prepare students for the tests mentioned below:

Tests We Have One-to-One Preparation Programs For

PSAT® Preparation:

PSAT® prep, started by many students in their sophomore and junior years, is in a way a “practice” for the SAT®. Though the PSAT or Preliminary SAT test takes significantly less time to administer and is not counted as an entrance requirement by colleges, there is still the possibility of achieving a score high enough to enter the National Merit Scholar Qualifying Tournament (NMSQT®), which is linked to prestige and college money. 

This is why PSAT and SAT test prep is considered to be vital for college chances. CollegeBoard® has a practice PSAT® here for students who want to see where they stand. You can also register through CollegeBoard for the SAT®  if your school does not already do so for you. While SAT and ACT test prep are important to enter a college, the PSAT is preparation for the tests that land you an admission in a college; in essence, the PSAT still plays a big part in your college ambitions. Remember that the normal date for PSAT® administration in Cincinnati is usually Wednesday or Saturday in the third week of October if you want to plan ahead. PSATs count for NMSQT® a student’s junior year, but schools may administer them as early as 9th grade.

The SAT® :

SAT test prep is slightly more involved than PSAT® tutoring. This is because SAT math is more in-depth (more material from Algebra 2) and the SAT also requires an essay, while the PSAT has no equivalent. The SAT prep classes include preparation for the essay on the SAT test which is part of a student’s composite Writing score. This link here at offers test date and registration info.

A full practice test is online, but it really makes sense to make the most of every test. Why take the test unless you are substantially prepared for it? The SAT® Question of the Day is also a great aid to get practice when sessions for the SAT test prep turn more test oriented than skill or step oriented.

SAT® Test Schedule (click to go to website)

ACT® Test Prep:

The ACT® is a test employed to determine a student’s preparedness for university using specified curriculum and standards. Our ACT prep classes get you ready for the several tests on the ACT that include English, Mathematics, Reading and Science with an optional writing test as well. The ACT® can be compared to the SAT®, the latter being a test more centered on critical thinking and a puzzle-like approach. The SAT’s emphasis on vocabulary and knowing relationships is countered by the ACT’s emphasis on hard science and math (up to precalculus, though only up to Algebra II on the SAT®). The ACT’s average time per question is about 50 seconds versus about 75 seconds on the SAT, though both tests give a relatively short amount of time to deal with grammar components of each exam. 

Our distinctively designed ACT prep sessions sharpen the students’ problem solving and time management skills to polish them as better candidates with a higher probability of scoring better.

Both exams take almost four hours to complete and are usually taken during a student’s junior year, which is the busiest of the high school years. 

Almost all schools take the SAT or ACT score; in fact, a student can depend upon any of those schools taking the highest test score earned. Getting a high ACT score is one of the deciding factors in your application for any university in America, especially for students who haven’t studied in the American school system. 

In this way, students should not worry about low test scores among multiple administrations of the test being looked at by colleges. It is more important to have enough time to prepare for each test to get an accurate score: the goal after all, is to see if college is the right course for your son or daughter.  

As we are aware, many have found success in life through other means. A Plus Test Preparation, however, makes sure that leaves no stone unturned for your child’s ACT test prep if they wish to pursue a college degree.

ACT® Test Schedule (click here to go to website)

SAT Subject Test Preparation (formerly SAT II®) and Advanced Placement (AP) tests

An exam like the SAT® or even the ACT® is not the only requirement for some colleges. Competitive universities often require up to two subject tests, administered by CollegeBoard®. The twenty subject exams, administered six times a year, range from Math I (up to precalculus) to Chemistry to German. The first link above has both practice questions and content info about what are on these exams.  The AP® (Advanced Placement) exams are described here and are also content oriented. The SAT Subject Test determines a student’s capabilities with regards to certain subjects that they hope to pursue during their degree at the university.

However, students must register for AP® courses through accredited institutions to have a chance to take the tests. While SAT® subject tests are an important part of the resume building process and are required by some schools, it is the AP® exam scores that can earn students many hours of credit, reducing expenses and the need to take certain classes in their colleges.  Taking an AP test preparation class can certainly be worthwhile, and the statistics prove it.  We have several tutors specializing in subject preparation, whether it be the SAT subject tests or the AP® tests.

College Application Essay Assistance –

(Sessions arranged on an hourly basis or part of test prep)

Besides the SAT Writing and ACT English test sections, almost all students find themselves needing to write essays for schools they apply to.  Cleverness rather than great writing ability can go very far in impressing essay reviewers.  It is often a good idea, as part of a session, to brainstorm about how a certain topic can be approached. Mr. DiSalvo, who was a creative writing major in college, can help with timely advice.

According to 2011 State of College Admission Report published by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, a large chunk of the universities takes grades and their admission entrance test score as the major factor for granting admission, however, most of the universities and colleges do acknowledge that College Application Essays play a crucial role in assessing which students among the academically eligible would they pick. A Plus Tutoring helps you write an essay that is bound to make your application stand out. Mr DiSalvo, as a creative writing major in college, can help give some advice.

As seen from the video below, we can induce great results from our students in a short amount of time with our system of test preparation Ohio, so if you would like to check out the possibilities and our availability for our ACT test prep Mason Program or the same programs in Cincinnati, Loveland or West Chester, OH, give us a call at 513 939-9033.

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