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News From a Couple Days at the Museum

Though not a huge afficianado myself, it became a bit of news when I was invited to the Cincinnati Museum Center to teach an ACT class to a small group.

CMC - Cincinnati Museum

The phone call came from a man who helped lead the young students who would come to help curate and prepare exhibits for the wondering visitors. Though it became clear to me that some of these young people would have normally gotten into trouble had they not been occupied with dinosaur bones and ancient ruins…

So, my immediate task was to help these students struggling with their standardized test preparation. The assistant leader of this program really took me under his wing and showed me around and let me know that we were giving these two pupils a chance as a sort of experiment.

Flash - A Plus Tutoring

In the end, I wasn’t quite sure why these two particular students were singled out from the rest of the group of volunteers at CMC. Maybe they were thought of as a little brighter than the rest, or maybe the thought was that if I could reach them, I could reach the whole group of them.

Anyway, after the second class, my “boss”, the assistant let me know we weren’t quite ready. It didn’t seem they were doing their homework, worse yet, I don’t think they were able to keep up with me. The moral of the story? Sometimes it is best to work on fundamentals in the beginning and have support at one’s own school before jumping into advanced ACT prep. I regret I wasn’t able to help our young people more, but I appreciate all they taught me about dinosaurs! : )

dino - theme image

Review from our First ACT Prep Student in Our New Office in Cincinnati

The mother of one of my students wanted to give a review of the help A+ Tutoring Test Preparation was able to give her son through ACT test prep. Her son was able to increase his ACT score by three points with 1/3 of what we would normally have for a basic tutoring course. Hard work and finding the time to meet me were this young man’s two big achievements, as he is a very competitive soccer player heavily recruited. Meeting at the new office in Cincinnati, we were able to get results from his hard work.

If you would like to contact A+, we are located in Cincinnati, though we travel to do in-home tutoring in Greater Cincinnati, including both West Chester and Mason, Ohio. Though Amy’s son did not score into the top 1%, many of our honor students do, whether it be for the PSAT, SAT, or ACT tests.

You can find out more about our programs or courses for the ACT exam at­-prep-cincinnati-mason/.

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