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Subject Tutoring in Cincinnati, Mason Ohio

Physics Calculus

Subject Tests and School Work

A Plus Tutoring offers help in a wide variety of subjects tests, whether they be for the SAT II or the AP, or even help in a school subject, whether it be English, calculus, physics, or even a foreign language.

Our tutors, having backgrounds ranging from biomechanical engineering to creative writing, are proficient in a wide variety of subjects, but, more importantly, have helped students excel to the highest level of performance in those same subjects,regularly helping students improve their grades by two grade points or more in a single semester. Likewise, we have seen our students get perfect scores on their subject tests several times, taking advantage of everything from speed reading techniques, to memorization strategies, to our test anxiety program to get an extra edge.  Below are some areas our tutors specialize in.  Please call or email us if you do not see the subject area you need help with, and we will do our best to help or send you to someone who can.

Do I Need a Subject Test?

Simplify your life:  even the most competitive schools require only two subject tests.

Even the most prestigious scholarship gurus who have helped students obtain scholarships worth over $200,000 admit that only two subject tests are necessary, even for Ivy League universities.  Why complicate things?  Focus on the subjects you are most familiar with to give yourself a strong base.  With the help of a tutor who can either help you make the material more manageable through memorizing better or simply held you understand the last few pieces, many students are able to achieve superior scores.

On the other hand, tests like  those given in AP classes and CLEP exams, taken after a student graduates from high school, can give students college credits, both saving money and shortening time in college so students can get more quickly into a career occupation.

Subject Tests You Might Need Help With


• Algebra 1 and 2
• Geometry
• Trigonometry/Pre-calculus
• Calculus/Differential Equations
• Probability & Statistics


• Physical Science

• AP Physics

• Earth Science

• AP Chemistry

• Biology

• AP Biology

• Chemistry

• Physics

Social Studies
• U.S. History• Anthropology
• World History• Economics
• Geography• Psychology
English Grammar, Literature, and writing
• Writing skills• Vocabulary
• Critical Reading• Grammar
• English (Grammar)• Spanish
• Italian• Latin

*Please contact us about the class level or type of standardized test your student is currently dealing with that might be aided by a tutor’s intervention we can recommend the best course of action.

Secondary Proficiency Tests

Starting with middle and high school proficiency tests, like the OAT, OGT, and entrance tests into high school like the  HSPT, ISEE, and SSAT, our students get a competitive edge by learning the needed material and thinking critically in the tutoring process.  Likewise, students are still able to learn through our lessons from the SAT and AP Tests to the GMAT and GRE that critical thinking is the key skill that brings testing techniques together.

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