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About Us Here At A+

Many people want to know about us at A+ Tutoring and how we started test prep lessons here in Cincinnati on the SAT and ACT. Michael DiSalvo initially started tutoring in what soon became an unworkable environment. After Michael DiSalvo had worked at a popular tutoring center in South Florida for some time, he started to believe that students were getting a raw deal. Overworked teachers with undisciplined students were busy with work that was mostly not making a real difference.

After seeing how impressed parents and administrators were with the critical thinking skills Michael was teaching his students, he was asked to work at a second tutoring center nearby. But the distractions and disrespect in an enviroment that didn’t nurture the focus and method students should have to master critical thinking in skills did not make for a situation that could be sustainable, so Michael decided to leave.

After helping a student achieve a 300 point increase on his SAT in two weeks and a 470 point increase in one month, he knew that he could offer students the sorts of results they needed for a strong college application, but more important critical thinking that they could use in all types of difficult situations in life.

Michael decided to start his family in lovely Cincinnati, Ohio, where he now lives with his family, including his wife and two beautiful children. Though occassionally tutoring languages and math, Michael primarily helps students maximize their scores on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, as well as high school entrance tests like the HSPT. Michael’s interest and training in psychology helps him work with students of a wide variety of skills and challenges. His initial failure securing a scholarship for college and his later success in achieving a +90 percentile score on his GRE are current motivations to help his students be all they can be on their tests and in life.

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