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Through Classical and Modern Proven Techniques, and 20 Years Experience to the Top 1% by SAT and ACT Tutor Mr. DiSalvo

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College Entrance Exams

ACT, SAT, & PSAT Prep to the top 1% with up to 50 Percentile Increases to a 15-Point Increase of the ACT test


H.S. Entrance & Exit Exams

 Students have scored in the top 2% on the HSPT for competitive schools. We also specialize in the SSAT, Iowa Test, and OGT


Academic Tutoring

Our pupils have gone from F’s to A’s in 3 months, with middle schoolers even receiving honors on college level work


Elite Coaching

Our tutor, Michael DiSalvo, uses classical and modern techniques proven to make students successful.

Increases to the Top 1% on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT, and School Success from F’s to A’s, K-12

At A+ Tutoring Test Preparation we realize not all students come to us in a “super” state.

Some are frustrated, some have been stunted in their growth, have seen academic and even personal challenges, and may really need a change in their lives.

Mr. Michael DiSalvo, in his background in psychology and critical thinking, is uniquely equipped to bring out what is “super” in a wide variety of students.

This is why he has seen some students start at the 5th percentile on the ACT (i.e. an 8) and end up in the 50th percentile (i.e. a 23), and others start with a 24 and end up with a 33.

Whether you are searching for a coach to motivate an intelligent child, to find an obstacle in a frustrated student, or be the spark in a high achiever to help that prodigy stay on track, A+ Tutoring Test Preparation of Cincinnati, OH, can help you discover the right path to accomplish the mission.  

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Combining the best of Classical Methods and Modern Techniques for Superior Results

Over 2000 students

20+ years teaching a wide range of subjects

20 Years of Training

Specialties in math, reading, writing, critical thinking, and grading standardized tests

1-on-1 Coaching

Superior results to the top 1% from our individualized tutoring, based on solid diagnostics and the Stepwise Success Method

Scholarships & Honors

Not only have our students earned prestigious scholarships and gotten into competitive programs, but they have even gotten established at Ivy League schools

Helping Students

Excel and Overcome Challenges of Tomorrow

There is a lot of pressure on students today to be their best, no matter what field they ultimately enter.

This is why A+ finds it important to tutor in a way that our students learn to study and succeed independently of instruction.

If students learn our techniques and finish their homework, the predictable result is a pathway to success, no matter what their ultimate career.

The Stepwise Success System™

The Stepwise Success System has helped students from the 5th percentile to the 95th percentile succeed on test day to maximize t their scores. Though the 4-6 steps apply in different ways depending on the content section, here are some of the keys:



Beginning to identify our “puzzle pieces” is always the first step.



What category of question is it? With reading, science, and grammar, we have 3-4 categories each.

Finding Picture or Paragraph

Finding Picture or Paragraph

Identifying the relevant part of the passage or proper picture is key.



Identifying the relevant part of the passage or proper picture is key.



Identifying the relevant part of the passage or proper picture is key.



Identifying the relevant part of the passage or proper picture is key.

Program Materials

Gruber's word master
Official act prep guide
Digital sat study guide
the bedford handbook
Michael DiSalvo of A+ Tutoring
Meet the Tutor

Michael DiSalvo

Having increased his high school GPA by 1 point to a 3.93 GPA at the University of South Florida and graduating in 3 years, Michael found critical thinking skills that would not only help him to a perfect score on his GRE but transform the way he could help both students with learning disabilities, including ADHD but even his most gifted students who were looking for elite results. Call Now to find out more about the S.S.S. method. 

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