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Ursuline Academy national merit Scholarships

Meet Our Tutors

Below are our most multi-faceted tutors who both tutor the SAT and ACT, Michael DiSalvo and Brent Puthoff. Both 99th percentile tutors on the tests, Michael comes more from a liberal arts background, while Brent comes more from a math and hard sciences background.

Michael Disalvo, MA eq, OLGS

Michael, having a passion for teaching, founded A+ Tutoring in 2004 to remedy what he found to be a lack of quality and discipline present in some learning centers. Michael, having worked at one center where he helped a student gain 300 points in his SAT score in just two weeks, had an idea to focus on what he knew best at that point: critical thinking. Though having helped students in a wide range of situations, from an autistic preschooler to a college student who had failed out of school because of a learning impediment, Michael continues to focus on test prep for the majority of his students who are putting the last pieces of the picture they want to show to their prospective schools.

Brent Puthoff, MS, UNC Chapel Hill

Brent Puthoff, focused on math and hard sciences for much of his collegiate career, comes to us well balanced, alreading having a 34 on the ACT he took in high school. Having helped students into the same realm of 99th percentile scores as Mr DiSalvo, Brent uses the A+ Tutoring steps for success when he teaches his students.  Brent’s penchant for analysis makes him a great grammarian, and students enjoy his directness in getting right to the point of difficulty.  While Mr DiSalvo specializes in the Literature and Language AP tests, Brent excels in Physics and Calculus.  Please call for the availability or Michael or Brent for test preparation or for subject tutoring (other 99th percentile tutors available) in the Cincinnati area.

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