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ACT Test Prep Tutoring, Helping Students to the Top 1% in Mason, Loveland, Montgomery, and West Chester, OH areas.

A+ Tutoring & Test Preparation has PSATSAT and ACT Prep Cincinnati courses for two types of students. First, for the student who has “fallen behind.” Whether it be because of a learning disability or even laziness, some students find they need to play “catch up.” Our SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation course provides help for Cincinnati students who have fallen behind. Other students are quite gifted, but need someone to show them how to gain the competitive edge that will keep them ahead. They may not be good test-takers, may have missed out on perfecting a skill that they never mastered, or, yes, may be hampered by lack of motivation.

Our SAT, PSAT, and ACT preparation provides for gifted students who want to make their mark. There is a third type of student: the nervous one. Test anxiety affects both advanced students and those who need to work on remedial skills. A+ Tutoring also offers help in overcoming test anxiety to help maximize potential. It may seem strange that similar techniques often can solve different problems, but this can only be done with a guide who can show the way…

“Melior est enim sapientia cunctis pretiossisimis.” Proverbs 8:11

In Latin, we learn the valuable words, “Wisdom is indeed better…than all the most precious things put together.” So what is wisdom? Some call it a natural part of learning. Some say it is eternal. Yet, hopefully all would agree that to understand the principles of things, to get a bigger picture of learning and of life, is something that cannot be valued enough.

Very few students deal with the PSATSAT, and ACT tests as just some walk in the park. There are even obstacles that can happen on the way to test day: sickness, boredom, changing schools, social pressures, and fear. But with a systematized, customized program, starting with a laser-focused diagnostic test, the end can be much more reachable than initially thought. Test preparation, or even studying in general, is about a process and a system to get to the right answer. Whether it be study habits in math and reading, critical thinking skills, programs to treat test anxiety, or even speed reading, we believe a good tutor can make a great difference in the life of a student with the pupil’s cooperation preparing for the ACT and SAT tests.

We provide mostly in-home tutoring in the Tri-State area in Southwest Ohio, including Greater Cincinnati, West Chester, Loveland, Mason, Milford, Monroe, and even parts of Dayton, though now we do have an office for test prep near the Tri-County Mall in Cincinnati where we also prep students for the ACT and SAT.

Mr. Disalvo’s students have been able to use his techniques to get up to perfect scores, with as much as a 15 point increase on the ACT, with 100s of points increased on the SAT.

If you’d like a free consultation on the potential of your child, just call 5139399033.

Why A+ Tutoring For  Cincinnati Test Prep?



 For more info and your free consultation about the different options to prepare for test day or overcoming academic obstacles, just call 513 939-9033 for more info.

Test Prep News

An Early Start in Mason, OH, and Cincinnati, OH, Made a Big Difference in Test Results for Young Students

Students at Mason Middle School and St Xavier High School have taken advantage test prep early in the testing season, to dominate the Explorer Test and PSAT. Some achieving perfect scores, these students have shown the power of using a proven system to even take that prep to do well on the ACT and SAT.

ACT Announces Test Changes in 2023 to Rival CollegeBoard’s Move to a Digital Test

The ACT corporation has announced some changes to its test to happen in 2024, which many believe to be a retort to the recent  changes announced by College Board to their PSAT and SAT. The College Board Corporation has declined comment as to the significance of their own changes, though SAT and ACT test prep is still working well with the A+ techniques, even to the 99th percentile, right here in Cincinnati.

Our Test Prep Programs for the PSAT, SAT & ACT

There is currently about a 70% similarity between the SAT and ACT exams. This is why it often makes sense to give both tests a try and see which test is right for your child.  Interestingly enough, students who have tutored with us for the SAT test and have scored even about the 90th percentile or greater have excelled even more with the ACT with just a couple of sessions of ACT prep. In other words, the SAT course provides a solid foundation for the ACT, as it teaches critical thinking skills and forces students to be careful.

If students are solid with content on the ACT:  mainly  English grammar rules, math formulas through trigonometry or pre-Calculus, and the fundamental concepts of science through physics and chemistry, they can do even better preparing for the ACT test.

Current Events

A+ Tutoring launches Test Prep Aces to help students through online tutoring

A+ Tutoring/Test Preparation has announced launching Test Prep Aces, which will offer tutoring and test prep in an online setting to create custom plans for students needs, especially on the prominent standardized tests administered in high school.

Testing Dates for ACT

Dates for ACT test for Greater Cincinnati 

Testing Dates for the new Digital SAT

2024 - 2025 SAT test dates for Cincinnati, Ohio area

What Makes A+ ACT  Tutoring Different for Our Cincinnati Students

Learn more about the format of the ACT here and  our own approach to get the most out of test prep. The ACT exam is one we’ve really seen focused on by students here in Greater Cincinnati.

Meet the Tutor

Michael DiSalvo of A+ Tutoring Test Preparation

Michael DiSalvo of A+ Tutoring has been motivated to move beyond mediocrity in his own test prep skills. But of course motivation, is only 1/2 of the equation.

Preparing for the SAT

Considered until lately the king of standardized tests, the SAT may have lost its former glory when it changed its format significantly to become more like the ACT in 2015.  However, it still remains its own test and this time in 2024 it has become administered exclusively in digital format.  Learn more about preparing for the digital SAT.

What Tests Does A+ Tutoring Specialize In?

There are many facets that go into test prep, and there are many tests students prep for. Some of these include the HSPT, SSAT, OGT, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GMAT, and GRE.

Academic Tutoring

Though we have different programs related to school, ranging from primary to secondary to college and post graduate, we focus mainly on ACT, PSAT

Small Group Tutoring

A surprising number of our successes in Cincinnati have come from siblings who were preparing for the PSAT, SAT and ACT (especially with two families in particular). Read More…

1-on-1 Individualized Tutoring

Individualized tutoring can be an amazing way to prepare for a standardized test. Having a true expert in your corner who has seen the material hundreds… (Read more…)

College Entrance Exams

A+ Tutoring/Test Preparation offers SAT and ACT programs for the Cincinnati area, but these sessions are typically scheduled for each student. It all begins with a brief diagnostic test. (Read more…)

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Terms of Service:  Individual and group test prep for the  ACT® and SAT ® and all other  tests are precision-focused to maximize test scores. Located in Greater Cincinnati, we believe we are the leaders in test prep because of our happy clients and superior results.  Our pledge is to get the best from our students while we give you our best.

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Areas We Serve

A Plus Tutoring Test Preparation offers its services for ACT and SAT prep programs for Cincinnati, Mason, West Chester, Loveland, Milford, Wyoming, Fairfield, Montgomery, Milford, and Goshen.  Our main office is located at 10921 Reed Hartman Highway, Suite 304a, Blue Ash, Ohio 45242.

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Contact A+ Tutoring, Cincinnati

There are several ways for those in Greater Cincinnati area to contact A+ Tutoring for test prep services. We are known to teach classes infrequently in the Cincinnati area at places like the Cincinnati Museum Center or St Xavier High School, but the easiest way to hear from us is to call for a free consultation at 513 939-9033. We take pleasure in giving parents and students some direction in academic careers and choosing the most effective means of preparation for test day, but tutoring is not for everyone. Having helped nearly 2000 students to find their way thus far, and having helped numerous students to full scholarships and Ivy League schools, we are happy to point you in the right direction. Just give us a call at 513-939-9033 to see if we can meet you at your location for test prep in Cincinnati, Loveland, Mason, Anderson, and West Chester, Ohio areas.

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