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I wanted to update all of you about our status here at the Regus center and otherwise regarding the coronavirus.

Be assured that we here who operate out of the Regus building are taking the necessary precautions regarding handwashing and other safety measures to minimize the chance of coronavirus being a significant threat, but with the time many schools will be off, I wanted to extend some options to my students as I know many of our situations have changed.

1. I have in the past and am currently tutoring students online. With results to the top 1% in my online test prep, I’m confident many students can be a good fit through what we are able to do via the web (which includes being able to record our sessions with Skype or Zoom).

2. Though I normally see students at my office, I am also available in many cases to see students at home, if needs be. In the proper environment, I’ve seen students get even perfect scores on their tests in this situation.

For those who are comfortable still working one-on-one, know that as I have had an autoimmune condition for the past +25 years, so I am very wary of viruses and respiratory illnesses that can set me back, so I thought I’d share what I myself do to stay out of trouble.

Governor Dewine’s office had a news conference that was helpful regarding hygiene and social measures to keep yourself safe until this passes, but as an advocate of teaching my students to use their best natural abilities to improve their critical thinking abilities and even their IQs, I also believe that even those of us with weaker immune systems can do a lot to stay safe.

Things to consider:

This the time of the year when many are woefully deficient in vitamin D, and many in general are also short in magnesium, both very important for your body’s natural defenses.

But in keep with the trend of “disinfecting”, many may also opt for ionic silver (especially nasally), which acts more directly against pathogens.

In my studies I’ve found only one company that offers silver in this truly bioavailable and very safe form, and one can use a lot of it (a bottle a day) for a long time (several months) and suffer no ill effects, though you can also get good results from simply following the instructions of the bottle (which the manufacturer would recommend — find the nasal spray most appropriate for our current situation).

This product has been tested in a hospital with a patient with a respiratory illness who was near the point of death to a very good effect in a very short amount of time.

If the silver is sold out one can use food grade hydrogen peroxide properly diluted with a similar result.

If one keeps clean hands and a clean nose/respiratory system with a strong immune system and avoids risky behavior, one should not get this sickness (hence the advice from others about doing facial dips & staying away from sugar and junk food).

Ideally, we can keep continuity with our lessons of at least one time a week in some form since I find students forgetting the most important principles really hurts us on test day as we often need to backtrack with extended absences.

I’ll do what I can to accommodate your plans, but hopefully it is clear to everyone that we need to take this seriously for this danger to pass.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation to explore possibilities please do so here and leave your phone number, or feel free to reach out through our contact form below the banner image.


Michael DiSalvo
A+ Tutoring Test Preparation

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