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I learned of Michael’s test preparation services from a friend whose three daughters had used Michael’s program to excel on the ACT and SAT. My daughter had just started her sophomore year and had taken the PACT through her high school. Although my daughter had scored well on the PACT, she wanted to see if she could improve.
Starting in October 2018, my daughter began spending 90 minutes per week with Michael, although we missed occasional sessions due to conflicts created by school extracurriculars and vacations. In April 2019, after roughly six months of preparation with Michael, she took the ACT and increased her score from the 95th to 99th percentile. It has been a wonderful relief to our daughter and to my wife and me to know that, by the end of her sophomore year, my daughter already has an excellent test score and does not need to stress over standardized test scores in the last two years of her high school career.
We highly recommend Michael. He has not only been a great teacher, but he has provided our daughter with a sense of calm and confidence in her abilities.

Eric R., Kentucky

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