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How To Score Good Marks In ACT Tests, Tips & Tricks

How to Score Good Marks in ACT Tests, Tips & Tricks

Preparing You for Brilliance

Many people want a few ACT tips for English to maximize their ACT score. Others think simply taking ACT practice tests will guarantee a 90% score.  But there are no shortcuts to success. 

But one thing is clear: When there’s a will, there always is a way. With smartwork and strategic steps, many of our students have been able to ace the exam, even with our basic ACT test prep

Of course, you cannot bypass hard work to achieve success but aligning different approaches and test-cracking methods can definitely expedite the process. 


How to Achieve High ACT Scores

ACT test prep is in itself not low-hanging fruit, since the ACT tests a whole system of knowledge. However, developing a study plan, strategizing with customized practice, focusing on core competencies and remaining consistent is the key to making it work. 

Now, the dilemma for the average student lies in the fact that not everybody can pay a hefty amount for ACT test prep. 

Nevertheless, even for students with limited time or budget, there are fundamental principles to assure the best ACT score. 

The key to access this knowledge is learning a coherent proven system from experienced individuals. Knowing what to do in each problem on the test makes your ACT test prep effective so you can achieve high ACT scores  in a relatively short amount of time. Be it an ambitious student wanting to earn competitive scholarships or a struggling student trying to score better, the basic principles are the same.


What are the Best ACT Test Programs?

A short answer would be, programs that allow students to prepare with expert guidance and maximum assistance. 

In a longer version, these are programs that build on a student’s capacity to attempt questions they are more familiar with and be able to systemically break down problems that are less familiar. 

A simple business management concept “POLCA” implies that strategic steps can be incorporated into managerial functions to achieve maximum output. Since ACT test prep demands strategizing too, POLCA can be a game changer for students. Preparing in advance, which means managing time, setting goals and avoiding distractions can all be rounded off in this concept. 

Here’s how:


  • Planning

The first trick is no secret. Start with making a schedule for your ACT test prep. It is critical to block out time for thorough practice and preparation. Along with the schedule, you need to familiarize yourself with the ACT test itself to understand technicalities. The technicalities can include time allowed to attempt the test, finding your weak spots, and finding the date that makes the most sense. All of this comes under the planning category. During the planning phase, you can:

    • Find a way to motivate yourself. Shortlisting your favorite colleges to get into can be one of them.
    • Find an ACT test prep partner. This can help you keep yourself focused. 


  • Organizing

Test prep for the ACT is just like organizing your desk. Putting books together, accommodating stationery and leaving space for actual work can be good for starters to explain the concept. Each element in a process has its own place. Similarly with ACT test prep, knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help align your focus on subjects.  This is a critical step in assigning daily hours to subjects.  During the organizing you can:

    • Look for the most qualified ACT test prep programs. The best ACT programs offer a wide variety of questions from past tests to get you used to all the levels of difficulty. 
    • Build a routine and stick to it. It is great to periodically switch from one subject to another. This helps work the different parts of the brain in a balanced way.
    • Set a schedule and maintain it. Scoring your best on the ACT can be tricky if you run out of time. To score in a maximal way you need to be sure you are following a system in which you can be self-paced.


  • Leading

While prepping for an ACT examination, you need to have a leader, even if that leader is you. Terms like leading by example, managing objectives, leading from the front, and leading with strategy are familiar to everyone. However, the right time to understand and implement these methods is when you need them most. Being your own leader means pushing yourself to the best you can be. When leading, you will be in-charge and will need to assess you ACT test prep critically to see if you are making the most of it.  


  • Controlling 

Staying calm and balanced is key to achieving a maximum ACT test score. How? By avoiding distractions, staying consistent and managing focus. 

“Controlling” has numerous meanings. From supervising, restricting, to even directing. All are wonderfully applicable to ACT test prep. One of the best tricks to succeed in the examination is to hold yourself accountable and control your distractions to make the most of your prep time. In doing so, you can:

  • Orient yourself and define acceptable and unacceptable behavior during the preparation period. 
  • Not overindulge in random questions but practice what previous tests offered students. It has been seen that 70% of the students who repeat the test find it similar to the one that preceded it. 
  • It is of course crucial to give time to the subject you need to improve your competency in, but budgeting that time in a particular way is key too. Give all subjects ample time and control your urge to switch before you have met your goal.


  • Assurance 

Assuring yourself about your capabilities is far the most important tip in ACT test prep. The three principles that can absolutely guarantee your success is getting in the right mindset, acknowledging your capacity and being confident. Without a belief in yourself, you won’t be able to make it through 


Role of ACT Practice Tests

Every trick can be a hit for some and miss for others. What it all boils down to is practicing, practicing, practicing and repeating, but only after you have mastered the strategies that will allow you to use your practice tests intelligently.

After that, since practice can be a significant part in all of the above tips, it’s safe to say, the more you practice the closer you get to perfection. 

After strategizing how your ACT test prep, there arises a need to get some answers to your most pressing questions. 


What’s the Best ACT Test Score and Why Is ACT Test Scoring Critical to Understand?

So what is the “best ACT score” for you.  It’s actually very relative. 

Though Mr DiSalvo has helped students achieve ACT scores, there are merits to having  students set their own goals and finding out what is deemed necessary to achieve for an entry into a particular college. Knowing  what is a good ACT score can go a long way. It can help you set milestones for short-term and long-term achievement. Adding competitiveness to your quest, ACT test prep with mindfulness about a standard to achieve is always a good idea.

Just like there’s no one-size-fits-all in career choices, there is no mandate when it comes to a particular score meaning failure or success for a given student.

There are many schools, many scholarships, many programs, many choices open to our students today.

However, having a plan when it comes to  ACT test scoring can help you prep properly and anticipate success.

With that said, having a comprehensive system will land you exactly where you need to go: ahead of all the ACT test prep confusion.

So what are you waiting for?  If you’d like to see this system for yourself, please call us at 513 939-9033 or go to A+ Plus Tutoring and fill out our contact form to see if we can help.

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