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Ursuline Academy national merit Scholarships

Scholarships and Commendations for Juniors

There are several reasons to get a good score and prepare for the SAT. Not only does it give more opportunities to be accepted to prestigious universities out-of-state, but it also allows those who are looking for a good in-state value to find many scholarships worth thousands of dollars if they achieve the status of savvy test taker.

A typical state school’s offering of scholarships:

The most prestigious award for a high school student is perhaps the designation of NationalMerit Scholar. This award is contingent on one’s PSAT score in one’s junior year. Preparing early for this very important test is crucial, as students are already given the test in their sophomore year. To become a finalist in this challenging competition is indeed a privilege. Not only is one eligible for the $2500 award every year after having attained this high level of academic achievement, but one is eligible for many other scholarships and commendations from private institutions and corporations.

More information on the National Merit Scholarship Program can be found here:

The Duke TIPS Program and Other Programs for Young Students

While some may say that test prepping at such an early age is a bit much, starting as young as 4th grade in Duke University’s nationwide program and as young as 3rd grade in Northwestern University’s NUMAT program, students have an opportunity to be measured on the yardstick of the SAT and ACT. The initial key is whether the students have reach qualifying scores and requirements in the standardized tests they are given in primary and secondary school as part of their normal school year.

Duke TIP program

Seventh grade students with strong intellectual abilities are invited to participate if they achieve a qualifying score at or above the 95th percentile on a recent grade-level test. Upon enrollment, Duke TIP registers this select group to take the ACT or the SAT college entrance exam. After participants take their test, Duke TIP provides valuable benefits to them throughout high school, including access to unique resources for gifted students developed by experts in the field of gifted education.

The Duke Talent Search (TIPS program) is considered the more popular choice of Cincinnati students. After meeting program requirements, students take the SAT or ACT their 7th grade year. Students whose scores qualify for the Duke’s summer program,

which is crafted for 7th-10th grade students to paricipate in residential and academic programs.

Tutoring for the Explorer Test, often a prerequisite of either Northwestern’s or Duke’s programs, is specialized in by A+ Tutoring. Our students have also received commendations for participating at a high level in the Duke TIPs program and have scored up to approximately 2000 out of 2400 on the SAT.

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