Devastating Mistakes in Test Prep

Avoid These 5 Most Devastating Test Prep Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Score How to Avoid Them

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Free SAT or ACT Prep Class for Your School

Confused about changes to the SAT or ACT?  Michael DiSalvo of A+, being publicized by the likes of NBC, CBS, and ABC, has helped over 1000 students to success in their standardized tests, with even perfects scores on the PSAT,…

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New ACT Test Prep Changes by A+ Tutoring Helping Students to 35 and 36 in Cincinnati Ohio

Get Ready for those Changes on the ACT, Cincinnati! For my Cincinnati students, ACT prep need to finish by obtaining a sense of the questions on the ACT exam by visiting the link here. Certainly, one need to be not…

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Upcoming Free Webinar: Hidden SAT Strategies

Please stay tuned for a big upcoming announcement about the introduction of A+ Tutoring’s new membership club for those interested in advanced SAT training.  A free webinar precede the membership period for the Association of Test Prep Excellence, in which…

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99th Percentile, Take Two! Siblings Competition Makes Test News with the PSAT and ACT

Tutoring Siblings is usually a lot of fun. Their skills usually complement one another when they start prepping on the SAT and ACT. It's always very interesting when two siblings of similar ability level have a little friendly competiton going...Read More

Is it wrong to force small children to take college level tests?

Forced my children to prep for the SAT and ACT? Guilty.  No, I'm not saying I've actually forced my 2-yr-old daughter or 7-month-old son to take the SAT or the GRE. But, I do admit using college level grammar books...Read More

SAT Changes Still set for 2016 (with PSAT starting in Fall 2015)

Cincinnati, have you heard the news about the SAT?  College Board has revamped (or demolished, depending on your perspective), the SAT ( I have a blog post about my angst here).  No, it’s not about simply excising the word “phlegmatic”…

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ACT Getting in on the Action of Test Changes

With the last interplay between the ACT and SAT happening in 2005, with the surprise “Writing” section occurring on the SAT to move the test from 1600 to 2400 points, some tutors like yours truly still feel like we are…

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